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Holiday season means lots of parties for the office, with friends, family and with the beau! It also means lots of hosting – whether you are having people gather at your home this season or your friend is hosting something that you are co-hosting, you need to bring your A-game!

I’ve been creating these super fun platters for weddings lately and think they could be a really great thing to put together for your next gathering or event! I load them up with a ton of goodies and can easily tailor them to carnivores, veggies or vegans that may be coming to the event.

Create a focal point that guests can eat around. 

When creating, I visualize how people would want to eat the items. Salami with mozzarella, grapes next to brie cheese, veggies surrounding the dip, etc. I also utilize everything – so I used bell peppers halved as bowls for the hummus and tzatziki dips, the shell of an avocado for guacamole and so on. Build up, stack and don’t be afraid to layer. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical; actually it’s best if it’s more abstract. Another cool element to add is edible flowers which can be found at stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts and Wegmans.

I perused the web and pulled some of my other favorite party platters that are absolutely beautiful!

Get inspired below:

valley brink road

heirloom LA

valley brink road

heirloom LA

beautifully seaside

via thefeedfeed’s instagram

what’s gaby cooking

happy hosting and partying! #styleyourlife

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